Starlite: Astronaut Rescue released on Steam

Date:29 January 2014 Tags:, , ,

Project Whitecard Studios Inc. announced today the release on Steam of the game Starlite: Astronaut Rescue – developed in collaboration with Nasa – for PC, Mac and Linux.

In Starlite: Astronaut Rescue, players complete an imagined near-future Mars mission in which they must construct a habitat, craft tools and use advanced robots. With the help of a virtual crewmate, a single-player 20 minute mini-adventure soon turns into more than bargained for on the Red Planet.

Rather than the run-of-the-mill point and shoot game, Starlite: Astronaut Rescue contains hands-on science inquiry and problem-solving in mathematics, physics and engineering. The application awards an official Mozilla Open Badge to those who successfully complete the mission.

The Starlite game series gives players a chance to experience the future of space exploration using real Nasa-inspired science and engineering. Players will find the authentic vision of the future to be an awesome experience.

The regular price will be $2.99 but for the first week there will be a 40% launch discount, which ends on 3 February.

An app version of Starlight: Astronaut Rescue is also available for iPad.

For more information, visit the Starlight: Astronaut Rescue Steam page.

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