• Steve Jobs: a gripping biographical drama

    Steve Jobs: a gripping biographical drama
    Date:21 December 2015

    Steve Jobs is a gripping biographical drama that depicts the life of one of the giants of the digital age. It is directed by Danny Boyle, who is known for films such as Slumdog Millionaire and Trainspotting. Boyle brings all his formidable talent to bear on Steve Jobs in a way that will leave cinemagoers breathless.

    The screenplay was written by Academy Award-winner Aaron Sorkin, who provides us with daring points of view of the technological giant’s life. He structures the movie in three provocative sections (filmed in different formats) and gives us a new way of appreciating the life and times of Jobs in an innovative way.

    The film stars Michael Fassbender as the protagonist. In an acclaimed performance, the German actor brings the frenetic energy and drive of the late CEO of Apple to the screen – giving us a unique insight into the struggles, challenges and victories that the modern day genius faced.

    The movie shows us the Apple genius throughout three very public times in his life… First, in 1984 in Cupertino, California, where Jobs brought the Macintosh to life; second, where he is fired by Apple in 1988, and finally at the height of his influence in 1998 where the iMac is presented to the world.

    The actors who play the important people that surround Jobs during these times are cast to perfection. The incomparable Seth Rogen plays genius Steve “Woz” Wozniak, the Apple co-founder who disapproves of Jobs’ treatment of the Apple II team and who serves as a counterpoint to the harder side of Jobs.

    Kate Winslet is also exceptional as marketing chief Joanna Hoffman, who berates her boss for his poor treatment of former lover Chrisann Brennan, played by Katherine Waterston, who is forced to live on welfare after Jobs denies paternity of their five year old daughter, Lisa (Makenzie Moss). Winslet’s performance is nothing short of brilliant – she adds notable gravitas to the movie.

    Fassbender portrays the moments of humanity behind Steve Jobs’ stern and uncompromising public image with great pathos. Aided by Sorkin’s subtle writing and Boyle’s incredible direction, the supporting actors provide us further insightful views of the man behind Apple.

    The film has already been nominated for an array of awards, including Golden Globe nominations for best actor, best supporting actress, best screenplay and best original score. Steve Jobs is a must-see film!

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