Surprising uses for Vix Vaporub

Date:3 January 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

While most of us use the strong-smelling gel to help relieve a congested chest, here are some other uses for the well-known medicine cabinet staple.

According to Boredom Therapy, this gel doesn’t only work for chests but also for common household issues, so give this a go if you’re faced with these issues.

Furniture Scratching

Is all your beautifully upholstered furniture getting ruined by your cat who thinks it’s a scratch post? Try rubbing a little vix onto their favourite scratching spot to deter them.

Insect Repellant

That strong smell from the gel doesn’t just make your nose crinkle, it also annoys mosquitos and other bitey bugs. If you’re out of Peaceful Sleep or Tabard put a bit of this behind your ears to keep the bugs at bay.

Sore Muscles

The cooling sensation of Vaporub will have your muscles feeling relaxed by improving blood circulation to the strained muscle area.

Tick Removal

Getting bitten by these are the worst and trying to take them off is even more of a headache. A quick fix is to put some vix near the tick which will release its bite and legs, ensuring you don’t end up breaking it apart when you remove it.


While some like to show them off, most of us don’t love having ugly bruises on our body and waiting for them to go away on their own can take a while. Rubbing some Vix on the effected area can help speed up the process, making the time you have to deal with all the questions about the bruise even shorter.

Splinter Removal

Getting out a splinter is never a nice experience. By putting some Vix around the area, it will help ease the pain of pulling it out.

Remove stubborn lipstick

Ever put on that bright red lipstick that looked great on the night but now its the next day and it wont come off? Try some Vix, it might tingle a bit but after 5 minutes you can wipe it off and your lips will look good as new.

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