Take a tour of Super Nintendo World with this series of new videos

Date:4 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

It looks like Super Nintendo World in Japan is already open to the public despite the nation declaring a state of emergency in early January.

Universal Studios Japan, the company behind the new theme park announced on January 14 that it would be delaying the opening of Super Nintendo World due to the state of emergency. The park was officially set to open on February 4, but that date was pushed back due to the state of emergency.

The company then announced that the park wouldn’t set a new opening date until the emergency declaration was lifted. However, based on a slew of new videos taken from within the park, it looks like the park did indeed open on the scheduled date.

The videos were to YouTube by Universal Parks News Today, an unofficial YouTube channel that specialises in documenting Universal Studios theme parks. Throughout the series of videos, Universal Parks News Today takes viewers on a tour of the park’s many attractions, including the different rides, cafes mini-games and other destinations, all whilst talking to the iconic characters found around the theme park.

While there are a few other videos up on YouTube that also the park, this recent series of uploads might be the largest collection of Super Nintendo World video tours currently available. While it is still unclear whether the park is officially open to the public, throughout the videos you can see large crowds of people gathering in different sections of the park, most of which are wearing a face mask.

Head over to the Universal Parks News Today YouTube channel to check out all of the videos of the theme park.

Take a look at some of our favourite videos below:


Picture: Twitter/@UniNewsToday

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