Tesla owner messed with thieves who tried to steal her car

Date:27 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Almost every vehicle on the road has some sort of alarm system that alerts the owner if someone is trying to break into their car. However, some car manufacturers like Tesla go the extra mile to ensure their alarm systems do everything in their power to protect your vehicle from falling into the wrong hands.

Australian radio host Annabelle Brett, got a first hand experience of Tesla’s advanced alarm system when she received a notification that her Tesla Model 3’s Sentry Mode had been activated. The Sentry Model essentially lets the vehicle owner view their cars surroundings through the 360-degree external cameras, allowing the owner to see exactly what is going on around their vehicle.

As you would expect, when Brett used the Sentry Mode to view her car, she found that people were indeed in the process of stealing her Tesla Model 3. Wasting no time, Brett hopped in a friends car and followed the thieves using a car tracker installed into her Tesla. However, simply knowing where the thieves were taking her car wasn’t enough, and Brett decided to mess with them while police were on the way to her location.

Brett knew that her Tesla could be remotely controlled to a certain extent, a feature she took full advantage of. She was able to remotely slow down her vehicle while the thieves were trying to make their getaway, but she also decided to screw with them by winding down the windows and honking the horn multiple times.

“My phone app has the ability to slow down the car and also mess with it a bit, so I was able to put the windows down, beep the horn and basically screw with them as they were driving it,” she explained to A Current Affair.

The thieves were understandably quite spooked by the whole experience, leading them to ditch the vehicle and attempt to get away. fortunately for Brett, one of them dropped their driver’s license in her car, which provided police with his identity and location, leading to their arrest later that day.

Picture: Pixabay


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