Tested: Street Wise Eco solar light

Date:6 March 2018 Tags:, ,

It’s a simple concept: small solar panel connected to a lightbulb that has an integrated battery. When the battery is full you can trickle charge a USB device from the solar panel. In excellent Karoo sunlight the lamp took about five hours to charge, which is a good conversion rate for the eight hours of 80 lumen light – the second brightness setting is almost twice as bright, but operation time then falls to five hours.

Output from the solar panel is a meager 0,4 a, so high-end smartphones won’t even recognise it as a charger. But the real secret sauce is how the heptagonal led array refracts off the plastic dome/bulb. You get 180 degree illumination from a highly portable device that comes equipped with a handy, if a little flimsy, carabiner clip.

This solar bulb was a lifesaver when setting up a night-time photoshoot in the darkest place in South Africa. Ther only thing I would change is the switch mechanism, we can’t be using old-school pull switches in this decade.

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