The commercial battle between Microsoft and Apple rages on

Date:7 August 2019 Author: Sam Spiller Tags:, , , , , , ,

Microsoft hired Australian actor, Mackenzie Book, to sling insults at Apple, and the result is cheesier than expected.

Microsoft and Apple have a long history of taking jabs at each other through TV commercials. Who could forget the classic “Get a Mac” ad campaign presented in the early 2000’s staring John Hodgman and Justin Long? The series of commercials positioned the Mac as the “cooler brand”, showcasing better performance and an easier setup process compared to Microsoft laptops of the day.

Microsoft fired back with their own ad campaign in 2008, showcasing a diverse range of people using Microsoft products. This was done in an effort break the stereotype that only boring, bleak, office workers use Window’s (much like the character played in the ‘Get a Mac’ ad campaign).

Fast forward to 2019 and the war between the two brands is still raging on. Microsoft has just released an advert in which they hired an actor named Mackenzie Book (as in MacBook) to demonstrate how the Surface Laptop 2 is superior to the MacBook.

In the commercial, Book is asked a series of questions relating to how the MacBook compares to latest Surface Laptop 2. The narrator asks questions like, which laptop lasts longer? which one is faster? and of course, which one has a better touch screen? The joke here being that Apple obviously doesn’t make a laptop with a touch screen. Book obviously chooses the Surface Book 2 after every question. The commercial ends off with the punchline “you should get a surface, trust me, I’m Mac Book”

Unfortunately for Microsoft, the commercial hasn’t been as well received as they were hoping for. Many people have pointed out how petty is was for Microsoft to go all the way to Australia to find an actor named Mackenzie Book, just to deliver a cheesy punchline.

Apple have yet to respond to the commercial. All we can do is hope that they don’t go and find a guy from England named ‘Sir Face’ to respond.

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