The world’s first bee influencer

Date:5 November 2019 Author: Imogen Searra Tags:, , ,

In an age of social media influencers, one account has managed to generate more buzz than others. Instead of spreading pollen, this bee influencer is spreading an important message.

A new kid on the metaphorical block, @bee_nfluencer is the world’s first bee influencer. The account has over 148,000 followers and is verified on Instagram.


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On my way to the Montmartre’s 2019 grape harvest festival! 🙌 Did you know that without bees there would be no wine? We pollinate plants and flowers that are essential for vineyards’ health. Comment with the 🍇 emoji to create a huge vineyard!!!! #fdvm2019 #bee #bees #beefund #beenfluencer #savethebees #beesofinstagram #buzzforbees #beekeeping #followme #picoftheday #weeklyfluff #wine #winemaking #winery #montmartre #parismaville #whataview #winegrapes #grapeharvest

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While this one may roll their eyes, this is no ordinary influencer. The account is essentially dedicated to raising awareness on the plight of the bee population, using a CGI bee as the ‘influencer’.

B is the brainchild of Fondation de France, a philanthropic community. The page has been set up to ultimately secure sponsorship funding, which is then given to the Bee Fund, which  assists pollinator conservation in France.

The Instagram account is the perfect combination of fun and informative. Each caption educates followers on the importance of bees for Earth’s survival.


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