• This ‘gun’ has been designed to safely take down drones

    Date:20 May 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    The process of taking down an unauthorized drone during battle often means shooting it out the sky, which results in them falling uncontrollably. This is less than ideal because the falling drone could cause harm to people on the ground or damage surrounding property, especially if explosives have been attached to it.

    To get around this problem, an Australian company called DroneShield have created a gun specifically designed to safely take out drones while in flight using nothing more than radio waves.

    The gun, which has been dubbed ‘DroneGun Tactical’ is essentially a frequency jammer of sorts that removes the control of the drone from its operator.

    So how does the DroneGun prevent drones from simply falling out the sky once the signal is jammed?

    According to DroneShield, most modern drones used today have a fail-safe feature which automatically lands the drone when it detects a lost signal or jammed frequency. This means that when the DroneGun is used on an enemy drone, its fail-safe will kick in and engage landing protocols instead of tumbling to the ground.

    DroneGun has a range of 2km, is battery powered and can be operated by a single person and weighs 7.3Kg.

    Take a look at the DroneGun in action below.

    Image: Twitter/ DroneShield

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