• This is where you would end up if you dug through the Earth

    Date:8 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    At some point in our lives we all asked ourselves ‘where would I end up if I dug a hole right through the Earth?’. Well now it looks like we’ve finally got an answer to that question thanks to the Antipodes Map. A virtual map designed to answer this very question.

    The Antipodes Map allows users to input their country, city, address, zip code or geographical coordinates to see what lies directly underneath them on the other side of the planet, and spoiler alert, for most of South Africa nothing awaits us besides the depths of the Pacific ocean.

    Picture: Antipodesmap.com

    Picture: Antipodesmap.com


    There are however a few interesting parallel locations to find. For example, if US president Donald Trump was to dig a hole in the back yard of the White House, he would end up just off the coast of Southwest Australia.

    Take a look at where you would end up by clicking here to view the map

    Picture: Pixabay


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