Tumour death-cell receptors on breast cancer cell

Date:29 February 2012 Tags:, , ,

Cancer cells get the monster movie treatment. If Emiko Paul of Echo Medical Media’s illustration of breast cancer cells looks like something out of an HP Lovecraft short story, it’s no accident. “We wanted to show something that was dramatic and very active,” Paul says.

This image depicts the war on cancer in a manner that makes clear who the bad guys are. Paul drew on microscopic images of breast cancer cells – seen here looking like creatures with long tentacles – inspiration. But her illustration also depicts a possible weapon against these malignant tissues: an antibody developed by researchers at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, called TRA-8 (the green, globular structures).

This image received an honourable mention in the “Illustrations” category of the 2011 International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge appearing in Science, published by AAAS.

Image credit: Emiko Paul, Quade Paul, Echo Medical Media; Ron Gamble, UAB Insight

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