Turning plastic bottles into toilets in India

Date:7 January 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, , , ,

India is a country with significant plastic waste and public health problems. Now, an entrepreneur is trying to address both these concerns with his ‘PeePee’ public toilets made of recycled plastics.

Ashwani Aggarwal, founder of Basic Shit, dedicated his time and resources to come up with this solution to address the single-use plastic problem and hopes to eradicate open defecation in India.

“Each PeePee toilet can eliminate more than 9000 single-use plastic bottles from ending up in our water bodies. These toilets require no water to clean and are smell free,” said the company on their Efforts for Good funding page.

Ashwani tried and tested multiple urinal designs across the country out of which 30 – 40 units still working in Delhi. This research and development was largely self-funded with assistance from a grant from the Asian Development Bank.

Each unit costs Rs 12,000 (around R2300) to build, can be installed in 2 hours and is entirely made from plastic collected from the streets of the city. It has no sewage connection so can be installed anywhere.

Urine is collected in drums and recycled to use for agricultural purposes.

Each drum can hold 200 liters of urine, this is then stabilised and purified with active carbon which removes pharmaceuticals and hormones. It is then put through a distiller that removes pathogens and reduced the liquid volume by 50%. The final stage produces water and fertiliser for plants.

The Basic Shit team hopes with its extra funding to place PeePee every 10 minutes of walking distance in Delhi.

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