UK-based tech company, Ramp seeks to hire locals for CT based operation

Date:30 September 2021 Author: Leigh-Ann Londt Tags:, , ,

A UK-based predictive analytics start-up called, Ramp, co-founded by the man who helped make Candy Crush, an addictively popular game, is currently looking for locals for its Cape Town operation!

According to IOL, developers and venture capital analysts are the main priority for the company says Ramp’s chief growth officer, Dan Marcus.

Ramp was co-founded by Angus Lovitt, a marketing vice-president at game developer King, veteran tech entrepreneurs Dan Marcus and Jan Pickard who sold their platform Magnetic in 2018, and software engine Francois du Toit.

The company aims to build a tech “unicorn”, by creating what they call “the next evolution in analytics.”

But, why South Africa?

Marcus says the country has incredible talent when it comes to developer skills, while Australian-born Lovitt has been a fan of the entrepreneurial spirit of the country. Ramp views it as we all live in a remote world and people should be able to work from anywhere.

Meanwhile, in other tech news, YouTube is set to remove any videos that spread misinformation about the COVID-19 vaccine as it is seen as harmful content regarding the coronavirus pandemic, reports The Guardian.

From Wednesday, the platform has banned COVID-19 jab misinformation that contained claims that any approved vaccine is dangerous, causes chronic health defects or does not reduce the spread of the disease.

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