26 adaptation fails: movies that didn’t do the video games justice

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Video game movies have a bad reputation, because there are very few that hit the mark. The following movie titles tried their utmost to stay true to their game counterparts, but failed to learn from previous adaptation fails.

It’s true, video games don’t make good movies. Perhaps the fault lies not in the film itself, but in the directors, the script, the production input… the list of possibilities is endless. So, as films that are based on successful video-games are concerned here’s thirty of the worst video-game adaptations in no particular order.

1. Angry Birds (2016)

The animation has a decent storyline given that it’s based on a popular game app. Like the game, the movie celebrates anger and is entertaining to watch if you’re a toddler.

2. Assassin’s Creed (2016)

A candidate to break the mould of bad video game adaptations. The movie was relatively accurate to the video game lore, however the historical material was misrepresented in some cases. And many fans were disappointed with Jake Gyllenhaal cast in the starring role.

3. Far Cry (2008)

The movie adaption like all of director Uwe Boll’s undertakings was a complete failure in terms of plot, acting, scenery and just everything that makes a good movie.

4. Lara Croft Tomb Raider

We think this film succeeds with Angie in the lead, but many of the game’s supporters don’t agree.

5. Resident Evil (film series)

The game has persevered for more than 20 years, and has produced nearly as many titles in the franchise. And the movie? Although heavily criticized (the film is ranked badly on RottenTomatoes.com), six titles have been produced in the series. So the director must be doing something right. Although the gameplay mechanics can never be fully replicated on film, and some of the story has been adapted, the films are as entertaining and stay true to it’s source material.

6. Mortal Kombat Anhihalation (1997)

Although not well rated online, fans consider the first movie to be the golden standard of video-game movies. But the second seems to miss the mark for its excessive cheesyness. But if cheese is à la carte in your world, this might not be as bad.

7. Max Payne (2008)

The film noir action take on a popular gaming series by the same name skips over important exposition and neglects the underworld mafia aspect of the game’s universe. While each title in the game series have a score well above 80/100, the movie has an audience score of only 29/100.

8. Street Fighter (1994)

This arcade hit that Hollywood had to get their hands on failed miserably. Although Jean-Claude Van Damme gets to show off his martial-arts moves, the movie’s editing leaves much to be desired. This is one of the early-era video-game adaptations that has gained more popularity as the years roll by, but mainly because it’s considered to be so bad that it’s good.

9. Need for Speed (2014)

Based on the most successful racing game franchise ever, this adaptation failed to ride the coattails of the game or the hit film series The Fast and The Furious. It’s been called boring and repetitive by critics and fans – and we think we know why.

10. Hitman: Agent 47 (2015)

The original game series has a stellar record. The story follows a cloned assassin-for-hire with a flawless record who – over the span of several games – discovers his past, runs from the agency that employs him and plans to take them down. With this wealth of reference you’d think a movie of the famous gaming assassin would hit the mark without breaking a sweat. Sadly, that didn’t happen. The movie just doubled its money off a measly budget of $35 million, and is rated poorly among game fans and critics.

11. Double Dragon (1994)

Not as well known as some of the other titles on our list, Double Dragon is a beat ’em up arcade game from the late 1980’s. The game was not as popular as some other arcade games at the time, but did live to see more game titles developed under the Double Dragon name. The film on the other hand was not a success. Critics say it took itself too seriously, but fans enjoyed the action scenes which are said to be on par with any other martial arts movies of the 90’s. Is it a hit or a miss? We think it’s a hard miss.

12. Warcraft (2016)

The universe of Warcraft is true to the video game, however, the unexplored references to the game franchise left some unfamiliar with the game alienated.

13. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

Sand, sorcery and swordplay. The blockbuster manages to convey what makes the games enjoyable, but watching Jake Gyllenhaal trying to save the world with a dagger throughout the film loses ground.

14. Ratchet and Clank (2016)

The movie closely follows the plot of the recently-released game, which is problematic for those that’s already played the game because the film lacks any surprises which makes it an unoriginal piece of entertainment – another of the definite adaptation fails.

15. Tekken (2009)

The story takes a back seat to the action in this movie, which makes it predictable. Its performances have also been called lack-lustre. Although this is one of the better fighting video-game adaptations, its Rotten Tomatoes score is mostly negative.

16. Dead or Alive (2006)

The movie is sadly more famous for its scantily clad female cast and shallow slapstick fighting action. DOA is more damaging to female power than a tribute to the game and sits firmly is our adaptation fails list.

17. Super Mario Bros. (1993)

Considered by some as one of the worst movies ever made, this video game adaptation doesn’t even manage to follow the plot of the global phenomenon that is Super Mario Bros. Many cast members and the movie’s director, Rocky Morton, have expressed humiliation and distaste for being linked to this adaptation fail.

18. Silent Hill (2006)

Some of the game’s most gruesome characters were truly horrifying in the film. True to the horror games the film was based on, the characters would strike fear into anyone. Sadly this doesn’t hold true to special effects, acting or even the storyline, which is but a shadow of the gaming series.

19. Doom (2005)

This adaptation starring The Rock doesn’t do the first-person shooter any justice. It missed everything that makes the games great, and begs the question: should they have bothered?

20. BloodRayne (2005)

This title joins the adaptation fails because the movie abandoned everything that made the game a success.

21. House of the Dead (2003)

Uwe Boll can’t seem to get enough of game adaptations, but sadly they’re mostly (if not all) adaptation fails. At least this film fully embraces its gruesome video-game roots.

22. Wing Commander (1999)

The movie is based on a series of space combat games and joins the list of worst adaptations of all time. It films was a complete box office failuer, having made only $11,6 million off a budget of $30 million.

23. Alone in the dark (2005)

Uwe Bolt strikes again. This movie has been called boring, poorly-acted and difficult to watch by both critics and the public.

24. Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV (2016)

The movie runs concurrently with the events of the game. Although this isn’t a particularly a great film, it has some clout from die-hard followers of the game franchise.

25. Postal (2007)

Based on a series of PC action games the movie tries to be as controversial and edgy, but honestly, the concept of shooting at people for no reason is so offensive it should probably take the stop spot in adaptation fails.

26. In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)

Unsurprisingly another Uwe Boll failure thanks to the underwhelming performances and predictability. This movie scores an unsurprising 15/100 Metacritic score, while the original game scored 86/100.

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