Wanderlust: live that fantasy with Nintendo

Wii Street U powered by Google
Date:29 April 2013


Are you a Nintendo Wii U freak? Do you fantasise about travel to faraway places? (Be honest… we promise not to tell on you.) If so, here’s some good news: you can visit the Nintendo eShop right now and download a free app that brings Google together with your favourite gaming platform. Wanderlust allows you to virtually explore all the fun places you mean to visit in person one day, using Google’s map data and 360-degree panoramic Street View images in combination with your Wii U GamePad controller.

The GamePad is integrated with Street View in innovative and accessible ways: use the touchscreen to type in exact addresses to fly to your favourite places, or exploit the motion sensors inside the controller to move it through 360 degrees to view sights around the world. If you feel up to it, you can even call your family to join in the fun – your 360-degree window on the world is displayed on the TV screen in the living room.

For some reason, Wanderlust is free to download and use only until 31 March 2016; thereafter, they’ll make you pay. (In essence, you have about three years to think about it.) For more details, visit www.nintendo.co.za


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