WATCH: Good times and great food with Megamaster’s Revolutionary Apex Series 6 gas braai

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Celebrate variety this summer with the Apex Series 6 Burner Gourmet Plus Patio Gas Braai with Searing Side Burner. The latest innovation from one of the largest suppliers of lifestyle cooking and heating products in South Africa will release your inner foodie and enhance your braai experience.

It is equipped with six stainless steel burners and a searing side burner, with a total heat output of 70 000 BTUs, you can use the Gourmet Plus Cooking System to sear, bake, smoke or sauté. The options are simply endless for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Cook anything, anyway, any time

The Gourmet Plus Cooking System offers an all-in-one culinary experience, with four distinct cooking methods that you can use while your braai. It’s perfect for both the foodie and the braai enthusiast. In fact, anyone in your home who wants to quickly fire things up for a delicious breakfast off the braai, warm up that hearty stew from last night in the sauté pan or explore smoky flavours will enjoy what this new gas braai has to offer!

Importantly, the Gourmet Plus Cooking System and the grid are made of cast iron. Not only will this result in even heat and cooking long after the burners are switched off. It’s not just about breaking culinary barriers; it’s about investing in a product that offers a quality cooking experience and longevity.

Sear, sauté, or smoke your way into summer

The secret to celebrating variety is unlocked with the introduction of the Gourmet Plus Cooking System. Megamaster has innovatively created a compact system which only takes up half of your braai space, giving you the freedom to griddle or sear, sauté or fry, and even smoke. Now, you can experiment with any recipe, giving it that extra flavour dimension!

Experimental cooking

Simply use the griddle side of the pan, with its raised cast iron bars to create striking sear marks on hamburger patties, steak, fish, eggplant steaks, or anything you want to char.

For the health-conscious, any unwanted fat will drain away into the drip tray. Then, all you need to do is flip around the griddle side to the flat surface with its raised edge to prepare a delicious sauce, sauté your veggies or fry up a big family breakfast.

All the while, you’re also able to braai your meat on the other side of your grid, not forgetting that the powerful searing side burner is equipped with 15 000 BTUs to beautifully sear steaks and other ingredients.

For those who want to explore that smoky taste, there are countless ways to layer in different flavours into your smoke – and you always have the option to enjoy a long-smoked experience or a quicker smoke if you’re short on time.

With all this and more that you can experiment with, the 6 Burner Gourmet Plus Patio Gas Braai is a must-have this summer.  It’s just what you would expect from Megamaster – the preeminent manufacturer of quality outdoor cooking and heating products.

Find your Apex Series 6 Burner Gourmet Plus Patio Gas Braai with Searing Side Burner at leading retailers nationwide and soon on the Megamaster website /

Retail price is R14999.00

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