WATCH: Ship carrying luxury vehicles is on fire and unmanned

Date:18 February 2022 Tags:, , ,

The Felicity Ace, a massive Panama-flagged cargo ship is on fire. Carrying almost 4000 brand new vehicles, it’s a big blow for the Volkswagen Group.

The Felicity Ace reportedly caught fire near the Azores islands in the Atlantic Ocean Wednesday afternoon.

22 crew members were successfully evacuated and taken to a local hotel by the Portuguese Navy and Air Force, according to a statement from the Navy.

Porsche, Audi and Lamborghini also fall under the Volkswagen AG group. Some of these models burned alongside 3965 Volkswagen vehicles said to be on board.

The cars were allegedly headed for the US.

One Twitter user reported that his custom spec’d Porsche Boxster Spyder (valued at almost R1.5 million) was on board the ship.

It has been reported that the state of the vehicles on board is unknown, but the ship remains adrift and unmanned.


Picture: Portuguese Navy

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