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Date:9 April 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

Kenyan game developer Internet of Elephants has teamed up with conservation science experts from the Borneo Nature Foundation, Goualougo Triangle Ape Foundation, Zoo Atlanta and Chester Zoo to create an augmented reality game all about endangered animals and conservation.

The game, named Wildeverse, was originally made with the intention of playing outdoors, however, the COVID-19 pandemic forced developers to create an option that lets people move about virtually using in-game controls, or walk around in more confined spaces.

As for game play itself, players are placed into a virtual forest where they’re tasked with exploring the environment for animals, and finding clues about where they could possibly be hiding. An in-game timer keeps track of how long it takes for a player to identify certain animals. Once a mission has been completed, the player enters a scripted interaction with an actual conservationist who helped develop the game.

In-game missions involve anything from searching for the animals themselves, their footprints, food leftovers or poop to looking for illegal human activity and threats to the habitat of four real orangutan, chimpanzees, gorillas and gibbons.

“You really really do learn a lot of juicy stuff and we don’t shy away from getting technical,” says Internet of Elephants founder Gautam Shah.

Wildeverse is available to download on both iOS and Android devices that support ARKit or ARCore.

Image: Internet of Elephants

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