• Witness the exact moment a Michigan dam failed

    Date:22 May 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Earlier this week the state of Michigan was hit with extreme rains for two consecutive days, resulting in two dams critically failing. This lead to the evacuation of two towns’ having to be evacuated after being submerged in flood waters.

    The sudden influx of heavy rains is believed to be caused by global warming, as a warmer atmosphere can hold more water, resulting in the extreme weather condition seen in Michigan.

    In the video posted to YouTube by local news station MLive, you can see the exact moment the Edenville dam failed, resulting in a landslide.

    According to a statement by Governor Gretchen Whitmer, ”This is unlike anything we’ve seen in Midland County. If you have a family member or loved one who lives in another part of the state, go there now.”

    While heavy rains certainly played a part in the failure of the dam, the Edenville dam was built over a century ago and had clear signs of an inadequate infrastructure.

    Take a look at the moment the dam failed and its resulting damage below.

    Image: Twitter/ komaricteam

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