World’s biggest natural giant pearl

Date:29 August 2016 Tags:, , ,

A fisherman from the Philippines recently shared this natural giant pearl with the world – after having stored it under his bed for 10 years.

This enormous pearl was turned over to the local tourism authority after the owner could no longer keep it, reports Palawan News. This natural giant pearl measures 30 centimetres wide, 67 centimetres long and weighs 34 kilograms – 10 kilograms more than the previous record holder.

The Puerto Princesa City Tourism Office has called for assistance from the Gemologist Institute and other authorities to authentication and appraise the pearl. Although still unconfirmed, it is believed to come from a giant clam (pictured below) – an endangered clam species that is native to the Philippines. If this pearl is confirmed to come form a giant clam, it is believed its value could be in excess of US$100m.

The previous record holder was valued at $93 million in 2013, reports The Guardian.

Tridacna giant clam at Komodo National Park


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