World’s largest electric vehicle to launch in SA

Date:24 February 2020 Author: Imogen Searra Tags:

Anglo American, ENGIE and Williams Advanced Engineering are working on creating the world’s largest hydrogen-powered mining trucks.

According to Business Insider, Anglo American is modifying its fleet of mining trucks to be hydrogen-powered rather than fueled by diesel.

Anglo American is providing the Komatsu trucks, ENGIE will be bringing the hydrogen power tech to the yard and Williams packing the battery system heat.

Production on the trucks will begin sometime this year. Tests will be conducted at the Mogalakwena metal mine in South Africa before being used at other mine locations.

This ambitious new project is part of Anglo American’s innovation-led approach to sustainable mining, FutureSmart MiningTM, which applies innovative thinking and technological advancements to address mining’s major sustainability challenges.

This collaboration with ENGIE, in which ENGIE is providing the hydrogen generation solutions and Anglo American is developing the truck, marks the first time a truck of this size and load capacity has been converted to run on hydrogen.

Tony O’Neill, Technical Director of Anglo American, commented: “We are extremely pleased to be partnering with ENGIE and we look forward to developing and implementing this step-change technology. As part of our Smart Power Project, where we analysed our mine site power requirements and applied a unique decision process on how we look at renewable energy systems and their benefits, we came up with a mix that allows us to be carbon neutral and have a very different footprint.

“This is part of our plan to create a smart energy mix that moves us closer towards our carbon and energy targets for 2030 and, ultimately, our vision of operating a carbon-neutral mine.”

Image: Anglo America

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