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Fruit fly factory

This image showing cross-sections of ten ovarioles from different female fruit flies won the “People’s... read more

Ghost shrimp eye

Captured by Brazil's Vitoria Tobias Santos, this image of a ghost shrimp’s eye – magnified... read more

Moth antenna

This image of a moth antenna, magnified by 100 times, was awarded an Honourable Mention... read more

Lacewing head

This image of the head of a Chrysopa lacewing – an insect in the large... read more

Male mosquito

This image of a male mosquito – captured by David Maitland – was one of... read more

Parasitic wasp

This eerie image of a parasitic wasp was one of the Images of Distinction in... read more

House spider

This image of a house spider was one of the Images of Distinction in the... read more