A decade of Samsung’s mobile innovations

Date:20 February 2019 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, , ,

Today is an important day for Samsung as the South Korean tech giant prepares to unveil not only the all-new Galaxy S10 family (and their foldable phone which looks set to be called the Galaxy Fold) but to also celebrate a decade of smartphone evolution.

Samsung’s first Galaxy device was launched in March 2010 and included a 4-inch Super AMOLED display and 5MP camera, today these are specs that many of us would scoff at but in 2010 these were revolutionary features.

The subsequent Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S3 built on the success of the original Galaxy handset and cemented Samsung’s position as an industry leader and pioneer in the burgeoning smartphone industry.

Over the years, the Galaxy series continued to improve, innovate and break new ground with each new device. The Edge Display curved the smartphone screen for the very first time and soon became the new default standard design for Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones. This gave birth to the Infinity Display which pushed bezels to the very edge of the phone and expanded the screen size without needing a larger phone, this too became a design standard that many other handset manufacturers started emulating with their premium smartphones.

In 2011, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note (which I initially ridiculed because it was a HUGE device that defied all the current trends of smartphones getting smaller) and established an entirely new mobile category — the large screen smartphone and also debuted the now iconic S Pen.

Samsung knew that hardware wasn’t the only area that they needed to invest in and worked on growing the Galaxy ecosystem every step of the way to make connected living a reality. A suite of functionalities emerged that came to define the Galaxy—the flagship features that users looked for in every new device: Samsung Knox, Samsung Pay, and countless other services and capabilities that made a Galaxy, a Galaxy.

These ten years of innovation and evolution have brought us to the Unpacked event which takes place on Wednesday 20 February where Samsung not only celebrates 10 years of Galaxy but also unveils the all-new Galaxy S10 family.

This comes at a crucial time in the mobile industry as many OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have reported a decline in earnings in 2018 due to market stagnation and a decline in sales volume.

Samsung, in particular, is feeling the heat as Huawei inches ever closer to clinching the spot as the world’s number one smartphone manufacturer, a title they predict to claim before the end of 2019. In order to retain their position, the tech giant has to wow with its new devices.

Here’s a look at some of the devices that Samsung has released through the years that have brought us to this momentous day:

All of which leads us to what we believe the Galaxy S10 looks like.


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