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Powermat"â„¢s adapters allow it to charge phones, cameras, MP3 players, portable game systems, headsets and GPS devices.
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If you were inspired by last month’s Cool Stuff Guide, you’ll probably enjoy this selection of tech products aimed at the guy who doesn’t have absolutely everything.

Unlike the items featured in our regular Great Stuff pages, these need to be imported from online merchants such as Amazon.com. However, if past experience is anything to go by, they should be available from local suppliers quite soon. Now go out there and consume.

The Beatles: Rock Band
R450 for game, R1 900 for limited-edition instrument bundle

The much-hyped new Rock Band release eschews a scattershot set list for a fine focus on the Fab Four. The result: a cross-generational romp through music history that’s sure to get some unlikely family members to pick up plastic instruments and drum, strum and sing along with the most beloved band of all time. Call it catnip for Beatlemaniacs, and perhaps the only game this year that works equally well as a gift for dad or the kids.

R1 260 (excluding duty and shipping)

Hollywood wizards use green screens to transport actors to distant planets. Now you can use the same tech to enter classic films. Sit in front of Yoostar’s green screen and read your lines off a computer monitor. The program uses a camera (included) to digitally insert you in place of Brando or Hanks, allowing you to go head-to-head with some of film’s most memorable characters. Completed clips can then be shared on Yoostar’s site. Think of it as Guitar Hero for the movies.

Powermat Home & Office Charging Mat
(R736 from Amazon.com, excluding shipping and import duty)

Cellphones, iPods, cameras… the charging cords for all that gadgetry add up. Powermat’s charging mat uses magnetic induction to wirelessly power up to three devices that have been placed on the pad. Result: the number of wires is knocked down to one (hey, the power has to come from somewhere). But the best is yet to come. The company claims it’s going to build the tech directly into tables – we recently saw a demo of a futuristic kitchen where appliances draw power from the counter.

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