3D printing a Delage Type-S engine from 1914

In 1914 only three Delage Type-S cars were made for the premier race in France. Racing in Europe came to a halt a month after the race started due to World War I.
Image supplied by: Philip Guilfoyle
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The Delage Type-S is not just any car. Delage French Grand Prix is racing royalty.

In the Victorian town of Castlemaine, engineers have turned to the tech world of 3D printing and scanning to rescue a piece of automotive history – a 103-year-old Delage Type-S with 16-valve engine.

The complicated and complex casting of the engine would have been impossible to repair otherwise, but thanks to modern manufacturing technologies, 3D printing became an alternative to fix the crack which developed between the exhaust and the water jacket.

The engine was striped to use laser scanners to scan the engine inside and out until an exact image was captured of the engine. The 3D scanning data was loaded onto a computer so that the engineer was clearly able to locate exactly where the cracks were that caused the engine to fail. The cracks were fixed on screen and then the digital model was transformed into a working engine.

Using 3D printing, the engineer created a sand mould for the engine which was then taken to a local iron foundry were a new version of the engine was cast within the 3D print mould. The iron engine was finished using traditional machining tools.

Philip Guilfoyle, the project manager for the restoration thinks that the success of the project could prompt other mechanics to be more open to digital manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, especially if it keeps more historical cars like the Delage Type-S on the road.

Delage is the perfect illustration of how skilled craftsmanship and modern technology compliment each other.

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