5 apps to boost your man-cred

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Armed with the most versatile tool of all, your phone, you can turn yourself into a man of many talents with the help of some useful, manly apps. These apps contain advice and information on how to be the best bloke you can be.

1. SAS Survival Guide:
This app is perfect for any adventurers out there. It contains thorough information on how to survive in almost any situation, anywhere in the world. It’s the absolute must-have survival guide.

SAS Survival Guide for Android
SAS Survival Guide for iPhone

2. The Art of Manliness:
Get the latest updates and articles from the site and learn how to be the best man you can be. This site is jammed full of useful information on how to be a successful man. From grooming tips to relationship and financial advice, it’s the only guide you’ll ever need to be a real man’s man.

This app is unfortunately only available for iPhone at this stage. Download The Art of Manliness app now.

3. Pro-Knot:
It’s a necessity for men all over to be able to tie a good knot. The Pro-Knot app is great for teaching you how to tie a vast amount of general knots, as well as knots that are specific to fishing.

Pro-Knot for iPhone
Pro-Knot for Android

4. Weber’s on the Grill:
Let’s face it; nothing makes you feel more like a man than a good ol’ fashioned braai. Weber’s on the Grill app will not only show you how to braai, but also includes recipes for marinades and sauces. Now you’ll never burn chops again, or undercook chicken.

Weber’s on the Grill for Android
Weber’s on the Grill for iPhone

5. Shazam:
Although Shazam is not a new app, it’s often underrated. There is nothing more annoying than recognising a song and not remembering who sings it. Now you can be the guy to identify every song. All you have to do is pull your phone out and let the app identify the song name and who it’s by.

Shazam for iPhone
Shazam for Android


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