5 Best Cameras You Can Get Right Now

Date:20 March 2019 Author: Brendon Petersen Tags:, , , ,

Film-maker Miklas Manneke knows a thing or two about cameras, so we asked for his advice on the five best cameras you can get right now, in a range of categories.


For Beginners


Fujifilm X-T20

Overall, I tend to gravitate towards smaller cameras, and as a beginner photographer, it is good to have a product that’s versatile and compact. If you’re someone who might be interested in street photography, it is important to have a camera that is discreet and easy to carry in your backpack. The XT-20 is simple to use – it has everything you might need, from WiFi connectivity to a high ISO, which helps in low-light conditions.

R14 499 at takealot.com


For Vlogging


Sony A7Sii  

It really depends on what kind of vlogging you’re into, but a great all-round camera to film with is the Sony A7Sii. It’s compact and extremely portable, and shoots some incredible footage – something every vlogger can appreciate. It can also shoot S-Log, a feature travel vloggers or other enthusiasts should have if they want to push their footage to the next level.

R19 989 at takealot.com


Special mention: Fujifilm X-H1

The Fujifilm X-H1 deserves notice, because this is a great compact camera many people I know in the industry swear by. Fuji is famous for its colour profiles, and this really helps elevate video content, making it look cinematic in quality. The X-H1 also offers great image-stabilisation technology, a must-have in the vlogging world.

R20 495 at ormsdirect.co.za


For Point and Shoot


Fujifilm X100F

Not only is this a high-quality point-and- shoot model, but it also comes in at a competitive price for all the features it sports. It processes colours well and enables you to drop pictures directly on to your phone so you can edit them there. It comes with a very good fixed lens, which means no zooming to distract you.

R17 595 at ormsdirect.co.za


For High-End Use

Leica M10

There are several excellent high-end cameras that, depending on their application, will serve you well. The Fujifilm GFX and Canon EOS-1D X Mk II, for example, are top cameras – especially in a studio or composed work environment. However, when it comes to street photography, the Leica M10 is the best option. It’s small enough to carry around easily and out of sight, while also feeling comfortable in your hand when in use. It simplifies many of the technical aspects of photography, while setting specific limitations that help you focus on shooting. It has a beautiful retro look and feel too, which, in my opinion, is an added bonus. With the right lenses in your kit, this camera will last for years, producing excellent results.

R129 000 at cameraland.co.za


For Outdoors

GoPro Hero 7 

I love using the GoPro when shooting more active content. It’s an incredibly versatile camera, happily at home in a wide variety of shooting environments.
Its competitive price means you might be happier using it in places where you’d shudder to take a more expensive camera, and yet you won’t compromise on footage quality. GoPro has a solid reputation for excellent customer support in South Africa, and I’ve always found them accommodating with any issues I’ve had.

From R3 989 at takealot.com


Special mention: Leica Q

It’s costly (a lot more than the GoPro), but the Leica Q needs to be acknowledged, even though you probably wouldn’t want to take it out in the rain.
It’s a rugged camera that takes amazing photos; I’ve shot with it in -18°C conditions with snow dripping off the sides, when even my phone and Mavic Pro drone have stopped working, and it’s still delivered the goods. If you’re willing to part with many of your hard-earned rands, this is a very good option.

$3 995.00 (R57 642) at amazon.com

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