5 Facebook pages tips for visitors

  • The landing page is very similar to its previous layout.
  • Posts by pages and visitors are grouped together.
  • How to subscribe to events.
Date:21 July 2016 Author: Nikky Knijf Tags:, , ,

If you’ve visited any of your favourite Facebook pages recently, you might have found them to look quite different. Don’t panic!

Some websites are still questioning whether it’s a test or a redesign, but we’re fairly sure it’s a permanent change. If so, the new pages follows a variety recent changes to the website. These include the highlighting of areas where users post – like when you post on a friend’s wall – as well as post and comment reaction options.

See, the social network often revamps part of their website to improve the way users interact with it and even though many functions stay the same, they have moved around a bit. So we’ve taken the liberty to show off what has changed and give users tips on interacting with the the new Facebook pages layout.

1. Facebook pages are the same, but different

Although the Facebook pages look different, they are still very similar to what they looked like before. The preview boxes for about, search, likes, visitor posts etc. have shifted to the right. The menu that was located right below the large page image has moved over to a new location of the left. The area where the page posts are located is slightly narrower.

2. Everything in one place

When users land on the new Facebook pages they will have a better view of the cover image, profile picture and the page name. And right below the page info (on the right) is a mini menu where users can navigate to the different sections on the page.

3. Different strokes for different folks

Brands and special interests vary, to this different Facebook pages will have different options available. This can include competitions, games, YouTube channels and Twitters profiles and newsletter subscriptions and the new menu makes it easier than ever before to see all the options a page has available.

4. Page posts, visitor posts

Posts are still the same and users can still post to pages that allow visitor interaction. But now users can see what the page and other users share without the distraction of extra applications and information. The “posts” menu item below the page name allow for easy navigation and will hide all the other information about the page and only show the users the posts.

5. Subscribe to events

Brand pages like Getaway Magazine often host events. In the case of Getaway it’s the Getaway shows in Gauteng and the Western Cape. Other pages host festivals, music events, lectures and many more. If a user enjoys the events a brand hosts, they can subscribe.

How to subscribe to events: Choose the “events” option in the menu to the left. To the right of the events listing there is a subscribe button (see the example picture above). Click the button and you’ll be notified every time a page shares a new event.

So if you’re still seeing the “old” page layout, don’t fret. The roll-out will probably come to a page near you soon.

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