7 ways to make your old phone feel new

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If you’re sick of your smart phone, but the thought of forking over R17,000 for the iPhone 11 makes you queasy, don’t worry. You can extend the life of your old phone and make it look and run like new, for just about free. Here’s how.

1. Change the theme

On Android phones, customisation can make your phone feel brand new. Launchers are essentially software that control not only wallpaper, but also the design of your apps, lock screen, and more.

To change your launcher, simply long hold the screen on your phone and you’ll see a Themes option, which shows you a bunch of Samsung-favored selections. If you want to look beyond, type in Launcher in the Google Play store.

For Apple users, you can still switch up the style, but it’s a little more difficult to overhaul the entire user interface—and that’s by design. Apple is known for its minimalist aesthetic, and some of those Android themes can get crazy.

One easy way to make your phone feel new is to switch to dark mode, an addition to iOS 11. Not only does it turn your backgrounds black and your text white, but it also eases the strain on your eyes. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Invert Colors > Smart Invert.

If all else fails, try categorising your apps into new folders. You can divide by bills, games, social media, streaming apps, music, and more.

2. Change to wireless

Android phones have had wireless charging for quite a few years now, though iPhone users only recently saw it in 2017 with the iPhone X.

In any case, you can upgrade your old phone that doesn’t support wireless charging by purchasing a wireless charging receiver and attaching it to your phone. In South Africa it’s a bit more difficult as wireless receivers are available but difficult to find and few and far between. Look on sites like Takealot.

3. Replace the old battery

Lest we forget the dreaded #BatteryGate back in 2017, when Apple basically admitted it was slowing down phones by throttling older batteries, it is universally accepted that old batteries really suck.

As lithium ion batteries chemically change over time, they become less effective. Another option is to send your phone into a repair store that offers battery changes like the Apple Doctor or Wefix for around R700.

4. Free up space

Some old phones are just too far gone for this to work much, but if your phone is about 2 to 3 years old, this is a handy trick: free up space on your phone to speed it up.

Use a cloud service to move your photos, videos, and other files off your hard drive; buy a microSD (or a microSD reader if you’re an iPhone user) or delete old conversations, especially on Apple devices, which keep full logs by default.


Original article by Courtney Linder for Popular Mechanics US

Image: Pixabay

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