A YouTuber used his MacBook as a Tesla key

Date:26 November 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Apple recently launched its latest range of MacBooks featuring the M1 chipset, with most of the hype surrounding the laptop’s improved battery life and speed. However, the new MacBooks also have the ability to run iPhone and iPad applications, and it’s this feature that has been making headlines recently.

A YouTuber who runs the channel Snazzy Labs, Quinn Nelson, decided to use his M1 Macbook as the ‘world’s largest biggest car key’ when he managed to install the Tesla app directly onto his laptop.

Nelson discovered that if he could load the Telsa application to his computer, he would then be able to use it as a functional car key. He did however have to jump through a few hoops to actually get it working. The Tesla app currently isn’t in the app store on Macbooks, so Nelson had to get creative and offload the application’s IPA before installing it manually onto the laptop. He did eventually manage to get it working, resulting in the world’s largest Tesla key, as he described it.

Not only was Nelson able to use his laptop to sound the car’s hooter, but he used it to unlock the vehicle’s door and start it.

Take a look at Nelson’s demonstration below


Picture: Screenshot

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