Adaptive Gaming Kit gives everyone a chance to become a gamer

Date:19 November 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, ,

When Microsoft first introduced the Xbox Adaptive Controller in 2018, it was a welcomed addition to an already wide array of third party controllers. It provided disabled gamers with the ability to comfortably play their favourite games. Now it seems as though Logitech is joining in, bringing accessibility to disabled gamers with their range custom controllers.

Logitech G’s Adaptive Gaming Kit makes use of the groundwork set by the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The kit consists of extra large buttons and triggers which the players use in conjunction with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, giving them the ability to configure the controller setup in a variety of ways.

Logitech describes the Adaptive Gaming Kit as “a peripheral for your peripherals”

The exact contents of the kit contains

  • Three large buttons.
  • Three small buttons.
  • Four light touch buttons.
  • Two variable trigger controls.
  • Configurable game mats.
  • Custom labels and velcro ties.

As you can see with the amount of controller peripherals, there is an endless amount of controller setup options you can go with. As a matter of fact, the chances of two people having the exact same controller setup is extremely low, which is exactly the point Logitech were aiming for. Everyone is different in some way, and so are these controllers.

The Logitech G’s Adaptive Gaming kit can be bought for R1,470 ($100) on their website.

Image: Twitter/ @KarissaLeanne

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