How to add your name to the dictionary on your PC

Date:9 June 2013 Tags:,

Q: Whenever I type my name in Microsoft Word, the program tells me it’s misspelled. Is there a way to tell the program that it’s not, in fact, spelled wrong?

A: Yes, and you can tell other programs to trust you on your own name, too. In Word, right-click on your name and add it to the dictionary. You can also add and remove words from the custom dictionary directly by going to Spelling and Grammar in the Tools menu. In Outlook, the option is in the Spelling and Autocorrect menu.

You can also tweak Apple’s Text-Edit dictionary, but you’ll have to go directly into the dictionary file to do so. Open the LocalDictionary file – which affects all Mac programs – in the Spelling folder of your user library. Or you can make changes as they come up, as in Microsoft Word.

The simple text-editing software on PCs isn’t as friendly. Notepad, which doesn’t even come with a spell checker, requires an add-on such as tinySpell, a free program available at

Once it’s installed, you can add and remove words to your spell-checking heart’s content.

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