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Working out can be a chore for those who lead busy lives. Getting to a gym is just not deemed a priority. One’s physical health tends to become neglected when life gets in the way. The beauty of the 21st century is that the traditional gym or outdoor runs are not the only outlet for exercise.
Working out from home, especially during the COVID-19 outbreak, has become a popular trend among busy adults. The privacy and comfortability of one’s own home may be more appealing than sweating it out among a bunch of strangers.
If you’re a stay at home parent, work two jobs, studying and working or you just simply don’t have the time but still want to exercise, Forme may be the solution to your problems. Designed by Yves Behar and Trent Ward, the latest at-home workout technology is based on two innovations.
Former ballerina Brynn Putnam developed a home workout device, Mirror. This fitness system allows users to follow a virtual personal trainer through classes like yoga, pilates and cardio.
Tonal, which was created by entrepreneur Aly Orady, uses an AI-powered wall-mounted screen. The difference is that this focuses more on strength training through electromagnetism that simulates weight machines.
Forme is based on these technologies and is reflective, using a mirror fitness system and machine learning to optimize home workouts.
Through machine learning, Forme optimises workouts to help you build strength. Equipment like ankle straps, rope handles and a heart rate monitor are all included. There are two arms that act as the resistance pulley system. These extend outwards and can be easily folded back behind the display screen.


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10 months ago I booked a gig as an on-screen trainer for some test content with a fitness tech startup in SF. That shoot turned into a growing relationship, and I was invited to join a powerhouse team as a lead trainer and the fitness director to build out the programming for the platform as we approach launch. I know we’re not the first to market in this space, but we are working diligently every day to be the best in market. As we begin making our first prelaunch noise, please join the journey and give us a follow at @thisisformelife as we build the new best thing for in-home fitness. 👊🏼👊🏼

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Speaking to CNN, Behar said: “Forme gives people access to good instruction (and) training in their own home. As we get older, we have less time to go to the gym. For most people it is hard to motivate yourself to train at home, and it is hard to feel like you’re doing it right.”

“There is a sense of being overwhelmed by all the things that we’re supposed to do, including exercise. I think that people are trying to recalibrate their lives in an efficient way.”


The multi-purpose fitness systems offer a variety of routines so that users don’t get bored. If users are sharing the machine with a roommate or family member, the routines can be customised and personalised to suit varying needs.

The scale of the machine makes the trainer seem close to human height during classes. This allows users to correct their movements and motion tracking allows Forme to recommend technique improvements.

Forme will be available in the Autumn of 2020.

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