Airbus lands sideways to combat crosswinds

Date:17 February 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

As Storm Dennis hit the United Kingdom over the weekend, planes landing at Heathrow International Airport were in for some tough landings.

One plane, an Ethiad Airbus 380, pulled of a daring sideways landing to combat heavy crosswinds.

The incredible landing was caught on camera, with the big airplane hovering slowly over the runway.

Hundreds of flights into and out of the UK were grounded on Saturday because of Storm Dennis, with easyJet cancelling more than 230 flights.

The strange-looking landing practice, called ‘crabbing’, is used often by pilots who have to bring their planes down safely in strong winds.

To work with the wind, planes are designed like “weather vanes” which point into the wind. Therefore, if the wind is coming in sideways, the plane needs to be pointed in that direction. So while the plane is facing the wind, the pilot manipulated the controls so when it touches down it is aligned with the runway.

While standard procedure, it isn’t the most textbook way to land a plane, making for fascinating videos.

Watch the sideways landing here:


Image: Screenshot from Youtube

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