All the details about the new Google Pixel 4

Date:16 October 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, , ,

Google launched it’s new Pixel 4 and 4 XL smartphones as part of a larger launch of the new Google products.

The Pixel 4, planned to be Google’s flagship phone, is set to be released in the US, UK and Australia on 24 October.

According to Iol, this iteration of Google’s phone runs on the latest version of android. The pixel Neural core allows for more tasks to be done one the device, which was done intentionally for better privacy. This is combined with the Titan M chip protects the users’ most sensitive data.

Major benefits of the phone highlighted were it’s face unlock feature, improved camera and faster Google Assistant.

The phone has a telephoto lens for improved long-distance photography, and software to enable users to take clear photos of the night sky. The camera uses HDR+ (High Dynamic Range) to make sure even the most mundane photos are as beautiful as possible.

The face unlock works closely with Pixel 4’s motion sense feature which uses a radar sensor to detect movement around the phone. This way, the phone will respond if it detects you reaching for it and start-up face unlock. It can also detect gestures allowing you to use the new Quick Gestures feature to do actions like skipping a song when you don’t want to pick-up the phone.

According to Reuters, Google had been testing the phones ability to handle a 5G network as well but this didn’t work out as well as they planned.

“We are working with carriers and need them to put in the infrastructure before we pass on the cost (of the new technology) to everyone else,” Sheryl Lin, a Pixel product manager told them.

The 64GB Pixel 4 will start at $799 (around R12,000) and the 128GB will be priced at $899 (R13,000). It has yet to be announced when this phone will be available in South Africa.

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