All the new updates from Chrome 78

Date:24 October 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , , , , , ,

Google have launched Chrome 78 to all Windows, macOS, Android, Linux, and iOS operating systems. The latest update comes with a wide range of new features which include a customisation menu for a new tab page, support for password checkup, and most importantly, a forced dark mode on all websites.

Here are a few of the most important updates Chrome 78 has to offer:

Tab hover cards

One of the first new features users will notice when they use Chrome 78 is the ‘tab hover cards.’ When a user hovers their mouse over a tab, Chrome will now display a small panel with information about that particular tab. This is a welcomed feature to those power users who usually have a large number of tabs open at once.

Password checkup tool

Chrome 78 is the first version of the browser that integrates a dedicated password safety tool directly into the browser. Previously, this feature was only available as an extension. The former extension allowed users to monitor if their password had leaked, now Google allows this feature from within the browser itself. However, this feature will only work if you’ve synced your Chrome-stored passwords to their Google account.

Customization menu for the new tab page

Chrome 78 now offers users the ability to customise their chrome browser with new themes, along with controlling what shortcuts look like on the new tab page, and the option to customise the new tab background with a wallpaper of your choice. To access this experimental feature, you’ll need to update to Chrome 78, then enable both chrome://flags/#ntp-customization-menu-v2 AND


Dark mode for all websites

Possibly the most welcomed feature on Chrome 78 is the forced dark mode feature. Dark mode on Chrome 78 enables a dark mode setting on every website you visit, even if the website doesn’t support dark mode. To achieve this, Chrome 78 uses a colour inversion theory to switch the interface on a ‘light’ website into the chromatic dark version.

To enable this feature, you’ll need to update to Chrome 78 then enable chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark


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