Anti-drone jamming gun used by US military

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A picture (above) of an anti-drone jamming gun emerged from a US military fire base in Iraq. Popular Mechanics USA speculates the anti-drone jamming gun’s presence in the country could be to kill drones used by the Islamic State.

The weapon appears to be a DroneDefender, a device used to disrupt the signal between a drone and its controlling device. Watch the video above to see how the device works.

Popular Mechanics USA earlier this year reported that the the US Department of Defence and Department of Homeland Security both contracted 100 units of the anti-drone jamming gun.

The photograph was tweeted by Peter W. Singer, the co-author of a futuristic war novel entitled Ghost Fleet that was sent complimentary to US forces in Iraq. The picture that includes the book and an anti-drone jamming gun was taken at the Kara Soar Counter-Fire Complex, and sent to the author as a gesture of appreciation.

“Mindful of its own success with drones and the proliferation of inexpensive hobby drones, the U.S. military has been increasingly worried about the use of unmanned vehicles against its own forces. A drone can be used to scout out the defences of a fire base, locating targets for mortar and artillery fire. It could also be loaded with explosives and sent on a one-way mission,” writes .

Drones are small and fast and could prove difficult to be shot out of the sky with assault rifles or air guns. This makes the anti-drone jamming gun a viable device, because it uses a radio antenna that fires a wider beam of radio energy to intercept the target drone. This device can also be used without the concern of collateral damage.

Be sure to check out the video above to see the device in action.

This article was adapted from Popular Mechanics USA.

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