Apple AR glasses could feature a unique privacy feature

Date:17 July 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Rumours have been circulating that Apple is hard at work trying to create a viable pair of AR glasses that people would actually be interested in using, unlike Googles failed attempt, Google Glass, which came to an end in January 2019.

According to reports from Apple Insider, who discovered a patent relating to the glasses, the AR glasses could ship with a privacy feature that lets the wearer view their smartphones screen through the lens of the glasses.

Currently, when you use your smartphone in public, everyone around you is able to view your screen, and while there are screen protectors on the market that reduce the angle of visibility, the new patent points to the possibility that the AR glasses could offer up a much more elegant solution to this problem.

When a user wears the AR glasses, information from the iPhone is sent to the glasses. This means when someone catches a glance at your iPhone’s screen, all they will see is a regular home screen, while personal information like photos, videos or messages would be hidden and only visible through the glasses lens.

While it remains unclear if Apple will actually implement this feature into its AR glasses, the idea itself does pose a unique solution to protesting a users privacy.

Image: Twitter/@cgledhill

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