Apple breathes new life into the iPod

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When was the last time you saw someone listening to music on an iPod? The portable device seems to have found its place alongside your favourite childhood Walkman – collecting dust in a forgotten box in the garage. iPods, with their lack of connectivity, no longer manage to keep up with the pace of modernity. The music streaming process demands instant gratification, and so, the iPod fails to compete with its bigger and better sibling, the iPhone. Apple, however, is holding on to hope for the nostalgic device. With its first major technical update since 2015, the company has revealed a revised version of the current generation iPod Touch.

On a surface level, not much has changed. The iPod Touch has returned to the land of the living with the same design and chassis as before. It still boasts a button below a 4-inch, 1136 x 640 display, above which is a 1.2 MP front-facing camera. On the back end, you’ll find an 8 MP camera with 1080p video resolution, ready to capture every Instagram-worthy moment. Among some of the other features that remain unchanged are a variety of colours, such as gold, blue, and pink, and a healthy battery life of 40 hours.

It’s obvious that certain things had to evolve for the iPod to compete with mobile devices. What has changed goes beyond the aesthetic… The A8 central processing unit has been replaced with Apple’s A10 CPU. The A10 was first introduced in the iPhone 7 and is currently used in the entry-level iPad. Performance wise, it’s only half as powerful as the A12 CPU that’s used in the newer iPhones, but the advantage is that the Touch can now support Group FaceTime and Apple’s Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Its most valuable feature, perhaps, is an upgraded storage system that’s now 256 GB – more than enough space to store Despacito and that one Backstreet Boys album you secretly like (without taking up designated photo space).

In addition, the device stands to benefit from services that Apple has only recently started to offer. These include Apple Arcade, a subscription service for mobile games, and the company’s dedicated news portal. Ranging between $199 and $399 a pop, the new iPod touch has become the most affordable IOS device on the market, making music more accessible to everyone. Apple has managed to resurrect a nostalgic pastime, breathing new life into the iPod once more. It’s been a while, but music lovers everywhere can finally get excited about a product solely designed to enhance their listening experience.

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