Apple could be teaming up with LG to make folding displays

Date:18 February 2021 Author: Kyro Mitchell

Rumours that Apple is looking to enter the folding smartphone market have been making the rounds for quite some time. Now, it looks like there might be some weight behind those rumours, as Apple has reportedly enlisted the help of LG to create folding displays.

According to reports from DigiTimes (paywall), one of China’s biggest Tech outlets, LG will use its experience and knowhow to help Apple with the development and production of a folding display. Although seeing as Apple often works with multiple companies at the same time- in case one company runs into issues- it is unclear if LG will be the only company to produce the folding display once it eventually goes into production.

This is not the first time LG has been enlisted to create folding displays. According to Apple Insider, LG was tapped up by Apple and other tech giants to create the new technology as far back as 2016, although based on the current lineup of Apple devices, nothing has come of that partnership just yet.

In terms of when the rumoured folding iPhone will hit the market, Chinese analyst firm EqualOcean has reported that Apple’s first foldable iPhone may launch in 2023 and could feature 7.6-inch OLED display hidden beneath a clamshell design.

Picture: Twitter/@aerezona

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