Apple could be working on a way to put a camera into the Apple Watch

Date:18 December 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

The Apple Watch is arguably one of Apple’s most popular products, with over 30 million units sold throughout 2019, according to Strategy Analytics. However, despite its success, the Apple Watch has always been missing one important element, that being a camera module.

According to AppleInsider, who discovered a recent patent filed by Apple, it looks as though the tech giant may have come up with a way to finally introduce a camera into its range of Apple Watches.

The patent suggests Apple could be working on a way to hide the camera module behind the display itself. The patent describes a system in which two layers of screen are used. One layer will be used to display the normal contents of the screen, like the time, incoming messages, and the weather, while the second layer of screen is used to hide the camera when it is not being used.

According to the patent summary, an electronic device may be provided with a two-stage display.

The display may have an inner layer with a pixel array for displaying images and an outer layer formed from a light modulator with an array of cells that can each be placed in a transparent mode or a light-blocking mode.” 

The interesting thing about the patent, aside from the fact that future Apple Watches could include a camera, is the possibility of using the same technology in other pieces of hardware like future iPhones, iPads, and even Macs. In the case of the iPhone in particular, the ‘two-stage display’ technology could be used to finally get rid of the huge notch, which has been present since 2017, when the iPhone X first launched.

Picture: Pixabay

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