• Apple could create a device that streams images directly to your pupils

    Date:25 September 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    Conventional virtual reality setups grant users the opportunity to immerse themselves in hyper-realistic versions of their favourite games. However, the downside to these setups is the fact that they can be very bulky and uncomfortable to use for hours on end.

    Now, it seems as though Apple may be working on a way to remedy this issue by creating a VR/AR headset that does away with the multiple displays installed into regular virtual reality setups. According to reports from Patently Apple, it has recently come across a patent filed by the tech giants which suggest the company is looking to explore different ways in which it can deliver visual content through a VR/AR headset.

    According to the patent, Apple is looking to achieve this goal by using mini-projectors built directly into a headset. The projectors will then stream content directly into the wearer’s pupil. By using this method to deliver content, Apple would be able to reduce the headsets footprint. Using projectors instead of conventional displays will also help to reduce convergence-accommodation, which occurs when an individual is focusing on a nearby object. As that object moves closer, the individual’s eyes move inward to focus on it.

    The discovery of this patent goes hand-in-hand with rumours that Apple is in the process of developing its own pair of smart glasses. However, it remains to be seen if Apple will use this technology in its smart glasses project.

    Image credit: Pixabay

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