Apple domiantes Fortune’s “100 greatest designs” list

Date:17 March 2020 Author: Leila Stein Tags:,

Apple secured eight slots in Fortune’s list of “Greatest designs of modern times.” The list chronicles 100 products that have made our lives simpler, better and more stylish, according to the magazine.

Taking number one spot was the iPhone. This unsurprising choice came in top place because it “transformed human communication” according to Fortune. 

Apple has sold 44.8 million units worldwide as of 2019. While not outstripping overall Android sales, Apple has continued to be defined by its boundary pushing design, which prioritizes both style and user experience.

Other Apple products to make the list included the Apple Macintosh computer, MacBook Pro, the iPod, App Store, iOS, Apple Watch and Apple Pay.

These products, while not the entirety of Apple’s suite, comprise of their flagship products. Their inclusion is a testament to Apple’s success, as each in their own right are considered to have made our lives “simpler and better.”

These products are in great, and interesting company. Not everything on the list revolves around technology. There are the expected inclusions such as the Boeing 747 and the Nokia 3210 but also small surprises from the non-technological like the Pride flag to the almost mundane like Tupperware.

Each entry on the list makes sense and the overall list, when read together, provides a concise snapshot of how our world came to be through these design marvels.

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