Apple increases app pricing scale for South Africa

Date:27 October 2020 Author: Leila Stein

Apple will be increasing the price scale for apps on its App Store for six countries, including South Africa.

The company announced that it will be increasing app store prices for Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Russia, India, and South Africa.

The announcement was made through the App Developer website, with developers being alerted to the updated price tier charts to reflect the changes in the prices of their apps.

“Once these changes go into effect, the Pricing and Availability section of My Apps will be updated, and your proceeds will be adjusted accordingly and calculated based on the tax-exclusive price,” Apple told developers.

“You can change the price of your apps and in-app purchases (including auto-renewable subscriptions) at any time in App Store Connect. If you offer subscriptions, you can choose to preserve prices for existing subscribers.”

On a quick glance over the updated prices, the leap isn’t too big with an increase in R2 for the first paid-for tier on the App store.

Those who already have subscriptions don’t have to worry though as Apple has excluded auto-renewal subscriptions.

The reasons Apple gave for these changes were either new or changed taxes and a change in foreign exchange rates. In the case of South Africa, it appears that the exchange rate against the dollar is to blame.

Picture: Unsplash

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