• Apple introduce a LiDAR sensor onto its iPhone 12 Pro

    Date:14 October 2020 Author: Kyro Mitchell

    During the Apple Event that took place yesterday, 13 October, the company revealed a slew of new information regarding its upcoming devices. This includes news about the flagship iPhone 12 Pro, the iPhone mini, and even a new HomePod Mini smart speaker.

    The news that got everyone talking certainly has to be the announcement that Apple would be introducing a LiDAR sensor onto its iPhone 12 Pro models. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen Apple make use of a LiDAR sensor. In March of this year Apple released its 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the first of its devices to feature this unique sensor. Now, Apple has taken that technology and added it into its flagship smartphone.

    Light Detection And Ranging, or simply LiDAR as its more commonly known, works in a similar manner to a speed gun used by traffic officers. The technology bounces pulses of light off of objects in the environment. It then measures their distance based on how long it takes for the light to reflect back.

    Apple have taken this technology and are using it to improve upon its other AR experiences. It does this by allowing applications that make use of AR to more quickly and accurately recognise the room or objects around it. By using LiDAR to to enhance its AR experiences, AR based applications can build a more accurate digital representation of the users view of the environment around them.

    So far we’ve seen Apple use a combination LiDAR and AR technology in its iPad pro to help users virtually see what a new couch or chest of draws would look like in their living room. Now, that same technology will be coming to a much smaller form factor in the iPhone 12 Pro, which should substantially improve the experience, as you wont have to lug around a hefty iPad pro.

    Take a look at the Apple Event below:


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