Apple introduces 123 new emoji designs for its messaging apps

Date:16 March 2022 Author: Leigh-Ann Londt Tags:, , ,

Apple’s latest update to its iOS 15.4 has now introduced 123 new emoji design that includes a melting face, a troll, a face with a peeking eye, a face holding back tears, and a pregnant man to name a few.

According to Apple Insider, part of the emoji has a total of 123 new designs to the iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, and Apple’s other operating system updates, while the list includes all 112 that were approved for inclusion in Emoji 14.0 by the Unicode Consortium in September.

Here is the list below as reported by CNET:

Melting face
Face with open eyes and hand over mouth
Face with eye peeking from behind hands
Saluting half face
Dotted line face
Face with diagonal mouth
Face holding back tears
Rightward hand
Leftward hand
Palm down hand
Palm up hand
Hand with index finger and thumb crossed
The newly updated emoji library features seven more smileys and a few specific objects. The handshake emoji has even been updated with a selection of 25 new skin tone options.

The new emoji are accessible by the software keyboard typically included in messaging apps, and can be used after all Apple users complete the update to iOS 15.4.

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