Apple launches new Mac Pro at a stunning R740 000

Date:12 December 2019 Author: Leila Stein Tags:, ,

Apple have put their new Mac Pro desktop on the market this week, with top pricing options costing $50,000 (around 740,000).

The reason the price is so hefty is because of all the added pricing options, which most who purchase this latest offering from Apple would want. The entry-level configuration would cost $5,999 (R88,064).

According to Techcentral, this base version, without all the extras, includes 256GB of storage. To increase storage, a 4TB option is available for $1,400 and Apple have said there will be an 8TB option coming later.

To increase the computer’s RAM memory from 32GB to 1.5TB is $25,000 extra.

Other extras which are not as necessary but would make the users life easier are the optional $400 wheels that make it easier to move the machine around and the new Pro Display XDR monitor to compliment the machine which costs $4,999.

For comparison, the single-motor Tesla Cybertruck has been put on -preorder at $39,900 (around R590,000).

Apple explain that this new Pro is designed for commercial rather than private use. According to Cnet, the Intel pro-level Xeon processors that make up the machine are well beyond that found in a standard desktop.

In addition, Apple have said they will release a design so that these powerful computers can be racked into data centres, also at an extra cost.

Image: @enriquillo2/ Twitter 

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