Apple offer insights with Apple Music for Artists

Date:12 November 2019 Tags:,

Musicians now have access to a world of data and information with Apple Music for Artists.

Apple Music of Artists has recently come out of beta, and gives artists and their teams the ability to see invaluable streams and sales data for insight into their global audiences.

This kind of insight into the listening habits and interests of their audiences makes it possible for artists to focus their tours, social media engagements and overall efforts to areas of the world that are interested in their work.

After testing the beta version of the service and gathering feedback from artists, Apple have designed the app to provide the most extensive, detailed information to help artists understand their audience.

Musicians will be able to see all stream plays including song and album sales on iTunes, insight into which Apple Music and curator playlists are driving streams, trend mapping, demographics of their fans, and locations of their fans in over 100 countries.

Artists will be notified about major milestones, such as a song reaching 1 million plays, seminal moments like being added to the Apple Music playlist and sudden spikes in streams anywhere in the world.

While this service is currently available on computers, the standalone app will be launching for iPhone. Artists can sign-up to claim their account here.

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