Top 3 tips from Apple photography how-to series

Date:12 May 2017 Author: Jorika Moore Tags:, , ,

With smartphones’ incredible photography capabilities, photography is in everyone’s hands. To help us be the best photographers we can, Apple has launched new photography how-to series.

On Thursday, Apple added a new page to its website dedicated to taking better photos with the iPhone 7 and in some of the videos Cape Town’s scenic beauty can be spotted in the background.

The “How to Shoot on iPhone 7” series provides users with easy to understand instructional tutorials. The seventeen videos offers basic photography techniques and explains the handset’s various capture modes to new users.

The videos serve not only as an opportunity to teach existing owners about their hardware, but act as an advertising tool of the iPhone 7’s capabilities. Not all tips are exclusively useful to iPhone 7 users and could be incorporated by any iPhone user with the latest iOS.

Here’s my top three tips from the how-to series:


1. How to shoot without a flash

Find a light source whether it be from a window display, lamp post or candle in a restaurant. Ensure the flash is turned off. Now tap on the subject on your screen to set exposure. Smile and click

2. How to shoot a vertical Pano

Ensure our camera is in landscape mode. Switch to the Pano photo feature. Now moving steadily from the bottom, pano upwards until the desired image is captured

3. How to shoot photos while shooting a video

Make sure your iPhone is in video mode. Press record. To capture your image press the shutter button on the bottom left-hand corner.

This series is a fun way to encourage you to hit your camera icon button and to start exploring. A little knowledge goes a long way to improving your photos.

Apple enthusiasts can look forward to their WWDC event which will kick off June 5 in California. Apple generally uses the event to introduce new hardware and unveil it’s latest product software.

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