Apple watch calls for help on behalf of unconscious owner

Date:15 November 2019 Author: Kyro Mitchell Tags:, , , , ,

Apple added the fall detection feature to their series of smart watches a year ago and it’s already saving lives. Fall detection was initially meant to help the elderly if they happen to suffer a bad fall and aren’t able to call for help. However, it seems as though this feature can be a pretty useful tool for those involved in more serious accidents.

According to reports from the Surrey Police Force in England, an Apple watch called for emergency assistance when a local man was involved in a car accident. Presumably, the accident rendered the man unconscious, resulting in the apple watch registering the crash as a fall and thus calling for help on his behalf.

While Surrey police haven’t released any further information regrading the accident, it can only be assumed that because the man was left unconscious he couldn’t respond to the prompt on his watch, which then resulted in the watch calling emergency services, providing them with his exact location.

If your Apple Watch series 4 or 5 detects that you’ve fallen or haven’t moved for a certain period of time it will begin a 30 second countdown by vibrating on your wrist and sounding an alert. If you fail to cancel the 30 second countdown, the watch will then automatically contact emergency services. Once the call has connected, your Apple Watch will play an audio message that notifies emergency services to the fact that you’ve suffered from a bad fall, or car accident in this instance, and shares your current location as latitude and longitude coordinates.

When the call to emergency services has ended, the watch then sends your location to your pre-selected emergency contacts, letting them know you have suffered a fall and that help is on the way.

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